A lawyer will send a demand letter on your behalf for $375

A cease-and-desist or demand letter — written by a licensed attorney on law firm letterhead — is a powerful way to get someone’s attention and get them to take action.

When you’re done asking nicely, LawyerLetter is here to help.

When you’re done asking nicely, LawyerLetter is here to help.

Leading law professors estimate that 99% of all civil cases settle before trial. A demand letter can offer a quick solution to certain legal issues. Sometimes this is all it takes to reach an agreement with someone that has wronged you. It could be the difference between getting paid and getting stiffed.

LawyerLetter could save you thousands. We unbundle the letter from the typical host of expensive legal services such as office visits, retainers and billable hours.

At LawyerlLetter, the respondent will know that you mean business. Our demand letters give the opposition a chance to come to the table in a meaningful way before the gloves come off.

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A demand letter written by an attorney has a formal tone and legal language, which can help to establish the seriousness of the situation and convey that legal action may be taken if necessary.


When a demand letter is written by an attorney, it can lend credibility to the claims being made. The recipient of the letter is more likely to take the matter seriously and may be more inclined to respond in a timely manner.


An attorney's written demand letter can clearly outline the issues in dispute, including the legal basis for the claims being made, and the specific demands being sought. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and streamline negotiations.

Higher response rate

Recipients of an attorney-written letter may take the matter more seriously and be more likely to respond quickly and appropriately, as they know that the matter is being handled by a legal professional.


A demand letter can be a cost-effective way to resolve a legal dispute. By using an attorney to draft the letter, parties may be able to resolve the matter without having to engage in costly and time-consuming legal proceedings.

A quick stress-free process

Step 1

Click “Get Started” to order a letter through our online form

Step 2

An attorney will draft the letter and email it to you for approval

Step 3

The letter will be mailed on official law firm letterhead to the respondent via USPS, certified, signature-required mail. You will receive a tracking number

Step 4

You will be emailed any replies in PDF format

Frequently asked

Are you a law firm?

No, LawyerLetter is not a law firm and we do not give legal advice. You are purchasing an à la carte legal letter or document. Any service beyond this would be an entirely independent engagement, separate from LawyerLetter, between you and a licensed attorney. 

What’s the timeline?

At your direction, a licensed attorney will provide your draft within 5-7 business days for approval. This letter will be sent to the receiver via USPS, certified, signature required mail. You will be provided a tracking number.

How do you handle responses to my legal letters?

Any response to your letter will be emailed to you in PDF format. If you receive a response, the attorney will not provide any guidance, or advice or file a lawsuit without an entirely independent engagement, separate from LawyerLetter, between you and the licensed attorney.